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You may not have heard of Wingmaster Boats but we are certain you have heard of the high-end boats we have been building for the past 10 years.

After building boats for many others we have learned our craft quite well.  2014 we decided to launch our own brand. A brand that will capture a niche where quality and value come together. Using quality material and not cutting corners we aim to fill that much-needed space we feel most boaters are looking for.

Why are we confidence in our delivery?  Because we have been in the composite business for the past 25 years. We are in the same city as when we first started. In this day and age, this speaks volume for our experience, reputation, and commitment to the industry.

We work with experienced hunters and fisherman to create the most ergonomic, user-friendly configuration right out of the box. We do all the experimenting, you do all the fishing/hunting and boating. We believe that is the way it should be.

All our boats are built right here in Lakeland, Florida. Come by and check us out.

4949 Raymond Industry Dr.
Lakeland Florida 33815


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